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Personal Coaching


CEO Coaching

“The challenges your business is facing are a direct reflection of the unresolved problems in your personal life.”


You are expected to have your act together and to serve as an exemplary role model for everyone else: employees, customers, suppliers, advisors, friends, family and community. Afterall, you’re the CEO. But it’s not that simple, you’re also human. And often, there’s no one to talk to.


You know the drill


  • It’s 24/7/365 non-stop.

  • You’re a little stressed out (maybe a little burned out).

  • Sometimes you’re present, but not really there.

  • Life is not as fulfilling as you thought it would be

  • Honestly, you’re not feeling all that great.

  • It’s hard to balance it all.

  • You’re not taking care of yourself.

  • No time.


The Extraordinary CEO is a signature program designed for the CEO who wants to build a company of extraordinary achievement and live a remarkable life. I developed this program and became the coach I never had when I was the CEO. I am the seasoned advisor who will guide you to achieve the life you want and to become the CEO your business needs you to be.


This is a proprietary model for CEO development. It’s not about the business. This is about you as a CEO. You will gain a clear understanding of who you are, what you stand for and where you are going. This is essential for you and for everyone else who depends on you.


This work takes a while. It requires that you make it a priority and to commit. You will need to accept that for once it’s ok to be a little bit selfish and take care of yourself first. The ROI on your personal life is priceless and the return for your business is far greater than any business coach, leadership program or peer group can deliver.

Business Coaching


Business Consulting

Business is tough. Having the benefit of a former CEO and a seasoned business advisor to serve as a sounding board, to check your swing and challenge your thinking sharpens your edge.

Modern Workspace
Career Coaching
Organized Desk


The CEO Matters Roundtable

This a community of CEOs who meet virtually to gain the benefit of each other's experience and to learn from top CEOs. We meet virtually for about 90 minutes on a monthly basis to have real conversations about real issues with other CEOs.

Smart CEOs know the value of surrounding themselves with an ambitious group of like-minded CEOs. Those will not only support you, but both challenge and hold you accountable.

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