The Discovery Session

This is our first work session. It doesn’t have a hard time stop. Why? Because this is your life we are discussing. Imagine seeing a therapist. Finally, you’re on the edge of a breakthrough or a critical insight. And you therapist responds “Oh, I see that our 50 minutes are up. Hold that thought and we’ll pick up there next week.” Jeez.
There is no script or outline for this session. It is bespoke and completely driven by you and what going on in your life and in your company. We take the path that presents itself and we build direction from there.

The Vision Agenda

The pilot has a flight plan, the cook a recipe, the hiker a trail map. However, many of us do not have an agenda for our life or our business. We wing it. That really wasn’t our intention and we honestly hope to be more intentional sometime soon. And then, well life gets in the way. Days become weeks and then months, and then well crap…

The Vision Agenda is

a process of becoming more purposeful in life and more action-oriented and directive in our behaviors. We have goals, we have direction, we know our metrics for progress.

Bespoke Coaching

Bespoke means customized, tailor made.

This is where discovery begins. Your life, your priorities and challenges, your dreams about the way you want your life and your company to be. We meet, at a minimum, once a week, maybe more. Sometimes phone calls or texts. It depends. You know, bespoke.

And we work. On you. On your business.

This is a trusted partnership. One that is sacred and intimate. It begins with a conversation. And we start to peel back the layers, identify the opportunities and the challenges. We may use assessments to get a better read on your leadership style and how you are perceived. We discuss inner core behaviors and how they impact outer core results. Our mission is to create positive change, sustained improvement and a massive ROI.

Through these conversations we dig things up, sort it out, gain clarity, and develop a plan. Then I hold your feet to the fire. We make progress. Your happiness goes up. Your performance goes up.

My approach is caring, insightful and challenging. I collaborate you in a dynamic one-on-one style to create transformational changes that improve your life and enhance your presence.

The CEO Collective

This is a CEO peer group. These are CEOs on steroids that care about each other, tackle tough issues, talk shit and get shit done together. The difference between this and other peer groups? These CEOs don’t have any peers.

Table for 8

Compelling conversations

  • Remarkable people
  • Interesting places

We eat. We drink. We drill down on one topic to gain understanding and insight.