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Liam Chrismer
CEO Coach and Business Advisor

“The challenges your business is facing are a direct reflection of the practices, regimens and disciplines in your personal life.”


Meet Liam

Every CEO should have a coach, a consigliere, a trusted advisor. One who knows you well and with whom you have history and trust. The one who will ask you the tough questions that no one else will. The one who will hold you accountable when no one else will. The one who will challenge you like no one else dare ask..


Working with Liam is an investment of time and money. It requires time and a financial commitment. Often, time-starved and urgent CEOs are looking for a quick fix. It doesn’t work that way. In times of crisis, great CEOs don’t rise to the occasion, they fall to their level of training. How many CEOs invest in themselves? Not many.


And yet the most valuable asset in the company is you, the CEO. and often, the most neglected asset in the company is you, the CEO.

Yes, you can build a company of remarkable achievement and live an extraordinary life.

Work With Me



Assessing current condition | performance
Discovering purpose | impact
Establishing personal brand | thought leadership
Developing & implementing advanced personal skills
Establishing leadership rhythms | agendas
Improving leadership performance
Optimizing focus | priorities
Improving self awareness | triggers
CEO Matters Roundtable
Building an ambitious CEO peer group
Enhancing personal effectiveness | impact
Building strong leadership presence


Assessing current condition | performance
Achieving strategic clarity and alignment
Establishing priorities | KPIs & OKRs
Assessing culture
Identifying priorities
Improving leadership performance
Resolving critical & opportunities
Aligning leadership
Raising capital
Increasing business value
Analyzing financial condition | performance
Aligning leadership
Improving financial literacy

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