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How Great Leaders Inspire Action

Host: Simon Sinek

Discussion: The "golden circle" concept and starting with 'why'.

Takeaways: The power of emotional connection in inspiring action.

The Puzzle of Motivation

Host: Dan Pink

Discussion: Challenging traditional motivational methods.

Takeaways: Motivating teams beyond financial incentives.

Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders

Host: Sheryl Sandberg

Discussion: Barriers for women in leadership.

Takeaways: Gender diversity and empowerment strategies.

Listen, Learn…Then Lead

Host: General Stanley McChrystal

Discussion: Building shared purpose in diverse teams.

Takeaways: The importance of listening and adapting in leadership.

How to Start a Movement

Host: Derek Sivers

Discussion: The growth of movements and the role of first followers.

Takeaways: Nurturing early supporters and leadership actions.

Everyday Leadership

Host: Drew Dudley

Discussion: Impact of small, daily acts in leadership.

Takeaways: The power of small actions in leadership.

Lead Like The Great Conductors
Host: Itay Talgam

Discussion: Leadership lessons from orchestra conductors.

Takeaways: How subtle leadership gestures can create harmony from chaos​​.

Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

Host: Simon Sinek

Discussion: Trust and safety in leadership.

Takeaways: Creating a circle of trust in the workplace​.

What It Takes To Be A Great Leader
Host: Roselinde Torres

Discussion: Attributes of effective leadership.

Takeaways: Three critical questions for leaders to consider​​.

Great Leadership Is a Network, Not a Hierarchy
Host: Gitte Frederiksen

Leadership and Innovation

Creativity and Collaboration

How to Manage for Collective Creativity

Host: Linda Hill

Discussion: Collective creativity in successful companies.

Takeaways: Fostering team innovation and collaboration.

Dare to Disagree

Host: Margaret Heffernan

Discussion: Constructive conflict in leadership.

Takeaways: The value of embracing disagreement for better decision-making.

Do Schools Kill Creativity?


Host: Sir Ken Robinson

How to Get Your Ideas to Spread
Host: Seth Godin

Effective Communication

10 Ways to Have a Better Conversation

Host: Celeste Headlee

Discussion: Techniques for effective conversations.

Takeaways: Improving communication skills in various settings.

Remember to Say Thank You

Host: Laura Trice

Discussion: The power of appreciation in communication.

Takeaways: Highlights the impact of expressing gratitude in personal and professional relationships.

The Danger of Silence

Host: Clint Smith

Discussion: The consequences of staying silent in critical conversations.

Takeaways: Encourages speaking up against injustices and being vocal about important issues.

The Secret Structure of Great Talks
Host: Nancy Duarte

Discussion: Effective structures for impactful presentations.

Takeaways: Offers insights into crafting engaging and persuasive speeches and presentations.

How to Save the World from Bad Meetings
Host: David Grady

Discussion: Improving the productivity of meetings.

Takeaways: Provides strategies for making meetings more efficient and goal-oriented.

Connected, But Alone?



Host: Sherry Turkle

Discussion: The impact of technology on real-life communication.

Takeaways: Discusses how digital connections can sometimes hinder genuine human interactions.

The Power of Vulnerability


Host: Brené Brown

Discussion: The role of vulnerability in communication.

Takeaways: Explains how being open and vulnerable enhances communication and connection.

A Funny Look at the Unintended Consequences of Technology
Host: Chuck Nice

Discussion: The impact of technology on communication and interaction.

Takeaways: Explores the humorous side of how technology affects our daily interactions.

How to Resolve Racially Stressful Situations

Host: Howard C. Stevenson

Discussion: Addressing racial tensions in communication.

Takeaways: Offers strategies for navigating and resolving racial stress in conversations.

How Can Groups Make Good Decisions?

Host: Mariano Sigman and Dan Ariely

Discussion: The psychology behind group decision-making.

Takeaways: Provides insights into how groups can communicate effectively to make better decisions.

The Secret Ingredients of Great Hospitality

Host: Will Guidara

Discussion: Will Guidara shares his experience of transforming customer service in his restaurant by serving a two-dollar hot dog, creating a personalized experience for customers. This approach led to what Guidara describes as "unreasonable hospitality.

Takeaways: The talk emphasizes the importance of personalization and going beyond conventional expectations to create extraordinary experiences in the hospitality industry​.

How to Speak So That People Want to Listen
Host: Julian Treasure


The Danger of a Single Story

Host: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Why the Best Hire Might Not Have the Perfect Resume
Host: Regina Hartley 

Discussion: Addressing racial tensions in communication.

Takeaways: Offers strategies for navigating and resolving racial stress in conversations.

Effective Communication
The Happy Secret to Better Work

Host: Shawn Achor

Discussion: Positive psychology and its impact on productivity.

Takeaways: CEOs can learn the importance of happiness in enhancing work performance.

How to Make Work-Life Balance Work
Host: Nigel Marsh

Discussion: Achieving a balanced lifestyle between work and personal life.

Takeaways: Practical strategies for CEOs to manage time effectively and maintain work-life harmony.

What Makes us Feel Good About Our Work?

Host: Dan Ariely

Discussion: True motivations behind work.

Takeaways: Progress and purpose as key motivators​​.

As Work Gets More Complex, Six Rules to Simplify

Host: Yves Morieux

Discussion: Simplifying complex work environments.

Takeaways: Six rules for 'smart simplicity' in the workplace​​.

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Host: Amy Cuddy

Discussion: Impact of body language on confidence and leadership.

Takeaways: The role of non-verbal cues in leadership presence.

The Difference Between Winning and Succeeding

Host: John Wooden

Discussion: Redefining success.

Takeaways: The importance of pursuing personal bests and positive development​​.

The Skill of Self-Confidence


Host: Dr. Ivan Joseph​

Your Body Language May Shape Who You Are

Host: Amy Cuddy​

Your Body Language Shapes Who You Are

Host: Amy Cuddy

Discussion: Impact of body language on confidence and leadership.

Takeaways: The role of non-verbal cues in leadership presence.

CEO Well-being and Personal Development

The Art of Being Yourself


Host: Caroline McHugh​

How to Stop Screwing Yourself Over
Host: Mel Robbins

Own Your Body’s Data


Host: Talithia Williams​

All It Takes is 10 Mindful Minutes

Host: Andy Puddicombe

Grit - The Power of Passion and Perseverance

Host: Angela Lee Duckworth​

How to Make Stress Your Friend
Host: Kelly McGonigal

The Power of Introverts


Host: Susan Cain

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