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Next Roundtable: 4.17.2024

 Liam Chrismer CEO Coach and Business Advisor

TOPIC: Best Practices for Providing Your Leadership Team Opportunities to Give Feedback

Connecting and engaging with other CEOs is foundational to The CEO Matters Roundtable. Shawn Talbott, PhD has dedicated his career to understanding how the heart, gut and brain work together as a system. His comments and revelations will no doubt, astound you and elevate the way you think and how you  intentionally manage your brain to optimize your energy and decision-making capacity.

Overview & Agenda

Join us from 12 - 1 pm MT on Wednesday, April 17th for a conversation with other CEOs about best practices for providing your leadership team opportunities to give feedback..


We'll keep things fairly informal, but will make sure to cover the following:

  • Overview on the roundtable series and format with a few key abbreviated introductions.

  • Executive spotlight on Shawn Talbott, PhD, Chief Science Officer at Amare and Author of Mental Fitness. 


Liam Chrismer

Liam is a seasoned Colorado entrepreneur and business leader. He is a four time CEO in Investment Banking, Consumer Electronics, Financing and Retail. For nearly two decades, he built a significant retail anchor in Downtown Denver and was actively involved in the redevelopment of Lower Downtown Denver and Union Station.

Mr. Chrismer's work now focuses on CEO well-being, performance and life satisfaction. Having experienced both success and failure as a business leader, he dedicates his time and energy to CEOs so that they can "live and lead better."

Kerry Siggins, CEO, StoneAge, Inc.

Kerry Siggins is the CEO of StoneAge, a fast growing, employee-owned manufacturing and technology company based in Colorado. In 2023, Kerry was named EY Entrepreneur Of The Year and Colorado’s CEO of the Year. StoneAge is recognized as a top company to work for by Outside Magazine and Inc. Magazine. She is a dynamic, sought after speaker who presents worldwide at corporations, universities, and conferences.

Kerry hosts Reflect Forward, a popular leadership podcast and is an author, blogger, and contributor to Forbes, Entrepreneur, Authority Magazine, and BIC Magazine. Her blog is visited by thousands of readers each month and she recently released her first book, The Ownership Mindset: A Handbook for Transforming Your Life and Leadership.

Kerry Siggins.jpg

Who We Are

Much of the current focus in business is on the well-being of the employee... But where does that leave the CEO?

CEO Matters has been built from the ground up to focus on on the well-being, personal growth and fulfillment of the CEO. The challenges CEOs experience in their business is often a direct reflection of the issues they are experiencing in their personal lives.

Our Network

One of our founding principles is to "help influential people meet, and develop relationships with other influential people".  We are here to create a safe haven where c-level peer interaction can occur without the impedance of vendors, the unemployed, or other distractors.


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