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After earning my stripes at The Olin Graduate School of Business at Washington University, my journey into the corporate world kicked off in the realm of corporate banking. From day one, I found myself in the company of CEOs – some exceptional, others less so. However, each encounter served as a profound lesson in leadership.


Venturing beyond the confines of corporate banking, I founded my own boutique investment banking firm. While it may not have been a household name like Goldman Sachs, we carved out our space, spearheading corporate finance and merger/acquisitions with a level of excellence that left an indelible mark. For two decades, I had the honor of collaborating with CEOs, co-piloting the journey of building and transforming their companies – a period that incubated a unique skill set destined to blossom into a role as a strategic advisor and CEO coach.


Transitioning into the role of CEO after three decades of high-level consulting marked a new chapter. Leading companies across finance, staffing, consumer electronics, and retail, the journey brought successes and, yes, an epic failure. It was in the aftermath of that failure, both corporate and personal, that I underwent a transformative process of self-discovery.

Liam Chrismer

 Liam Chrismer CEO Coach and Business Advisor

The realization hit hard – I wasn't the CEO or person I believed myself to be. Obsessed with business success, I neglected my own well-being. The wake-up call came after redlining growth, realizing I didn't have all the answers, and the stark realization that I, too, could fail. It was a hero's journey, a painful exploration of the debris field of my own shortcomings.


In the crucible of that experience, I learned a profound truth – the issues in your business mirror the challenges and unresolved issues in your personal life. This revelation became the bedrock of my specialized work: championing the well-being, performance, and life-fulfillment of CEOs.


I don't brandish the title of a life coach; I am your trusted advisor. The one who will help you unravel the real issues, pose the questions that demand answers, and provide insights others might shy away from. Yes, it's lonely at the top, and finding someone with the intelligence, experience, and gravitas to comprehend your journey is no easy feat. I understand that, and I am that someone. Together, let's navigate the peaks and valleys, ensuring your well-being is not just a footnote but a guiding principle in your journey as a CEO.

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